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What To Write In A Mother's Day Card

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Shout-Out to the Ladies | How to Say Happy Mother's Day

Our lives are shaped by the women who love us along the way ― from mothers to sisters, cousins to grandmothers, aunts, friends, mentors, spouses and so many more! Anyone who loves with the heart of a mother deserves to be honored for all that they do. Where would we be without their over-the-phone pep talks before a job interview, the reminder messages on the bathroom mirror, the birthday cards, the inside jokes and movie marathons, the applause during our successes and the warm hugs during our darkest hours?

Mother’s Day is a special Sunday in May where we show all of the mothers in our lives just how much they mean to us. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the different mothers in your life, sincerity is the key. You should speak/write from the heart, reminding your mother just how much you love and cherish her for all that she does. But with so much love and appreciation to express, deciding exactly what to say in a Mother's Day card is no easy task.

If you need ideas for things to say on Mother's Day, HELLOFROM is here to help. Check-out our tips, tricks, and examples of what to write in a Mother's Day card ― let’s show Mom the love she deserves!

What to Write for Your Mother's Day Card Message

The first step on the journey to Mother’s Day delight is to decide who you want to honor this year. Maybe you want to send a card to your Nana and your Aunties. Maybe you want to send cards to all of your friends with children, or your wife with a baby-to-be. Or maybe you just want to send a card to dear old Mom. Whoever the lucky ladies are, make your list and gather your addresses.

Next comes the fun part ― in our unbiased opinion ― card shopping! We recommend choosing each card individually and catering them to each person, but the message you write yourself is the most important element. Just make sure that the card you pick honors the relationship you share; some people like funny cards, while others prefer something sweet and heartfelt. Additionally, if your relationship with the recipient is especially strained or complicated, a card that already has a lot of text on it can be a safe and easy way to show your appreciation.

Finally, it’s time to give your card(s) a personal touch. You might consider sharing a happy memory, expressing gratitude, or even explaining an important lesson she taught you. Speak from the heart, and keep the mood positive. Need inspiration for your Mother’s Day cards messages? Struggling to find the right words to describe mom? Take a look at these examples;

For Your Mother

Whether your “mother” is the woman who gave birth to you or not, she deserves to be honored for the important role she holds in your life ― and in your heart. This is your chance to tell your mom just how much she means to you; be warm and sincere, and above all, focus on her. Mother’s Day is her day, after all. And if your mom loves to laugh, do not be afraid to use funny Mother’s Day messages!

  • For the best mom (with the best kid). Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for all that you do and all that you are.
  • Mom, you’re the glue that holds us together.
  • Of all the moms in the world, I’m so grateful that you are mine. I wouldn’t be who I am without you.
  • I wanted to get you something special this Mother’s Day, so I decided to give you some peace and quiet.
  • Right from the start, you were the one who nurtured me, prayed over me, worried about me, guided me, and supported me. Thank you for being there every day with just the love I needed.
  • I’m so proud to be your son/daughter.
  • Thanks for making home the happiest place to be.
  • From the first moment I wrapped my little hand around your finger, I loved you. Thank you for always holding my hand when I’ve needed you.
  • I'm so lucky to have you as my mom and best friend.
  • Wishing you a calm and relaxing Mothers Day. You deserve to be pampered!
  • You’re my one and only mom, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for always being the shining example of what I wanted to be like when I grew up!
  • Thank you for laughing with us in the best of times and sticking with us through the worst of times! What would we do without you?
  • Mom, you're one of my favorite parents.
  • Thanks for putting up with me, Mom. I know you like a challenge.
  • Raising me took a lot of patience and strength. Thanks for hanging in there.
  • Growing up, you always seemed to have all the answers. Now that I have kids of my own, I just have one last question…how on earth did you survive?!
  • I know I wasn’t always an easy kid to raise, but you sure did make it look easy! Thank you for always loving me ― even when I was a total brat.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! I promise today I’ll pick up my room. Maybe.
  • Happy Mother's Day to my greatest teacher, best friend, and cheapest therapist!
  • You are the heart of our family. We all love and appreciate you so much!
  • Thanks for putting up with us! We love you so very, very much.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Literally.
  • Mama, you often stood between me and the unfair stuff. Thank you for protecting my spirit.
  • For all the times I didn't say it but should have… thank you, Mom. I love you.
  • Every day I feel lucky to be able to call you Mom.
  • Thank you for raising me in a time before you could post embarrassing pictures of me on social media.
  • Mama, you sacrificed so I could rise. I want you to know I see that.
  • I love you and wish you the best Mothers Day ever!
  • Wishing you a day that's full of relaxation, love, and your favorite dessert.

For Your Wife or Partner

While it’s easy to get swept-up in celebrating your own mother(s), your significant other also deserves a moment in the spotlight. This is especially important if your partner has children. However, even couples without children can enjoy the Mother’s Day festivities. Maybe your wife is an excellent aunt, or a superb Dog/Cat Mom ― or maybe you just want your S.O. to feel included. Mother’s Day is all about showing the mothers in our life ― regardless of who they are ― how much we appreciate them.

  • I appreciate you more than I could ever put into words. You are such a good mom to our kids, and I’m grateful every day that they have you in their life.
  • You’re more beautiful than ever to me.
  • Creativity, laughter, devotion…there’s so much to admire in the way you do motherhood day in and day out.
  • You sacrifice so much of yourself to keep our family happy and healthy. I see you, and I love you.
  • You’re a boss mama and a beautiful woman, too. I love everything about you.
  • Because of you, our family and our sweet home are built around generous, selfless love. Thank you for making us all so blessed—especially me.
  • You are the most incredible woman I’ve ever known, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re an incredible mother as well. And yet, your endless love and patience toward our children ― and me ― astound me every day.
  • Some people are just meant to be mothers. Everyday, you prove that to be true.
  • Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family. The kids and I are so lucky to have you.
  • You hold us down, lift us up and keep us together—all with the force of your love.
  • From the moment we met, you’ve had my heart. And seeing you as a mom only makes me love you more.
  • There’s no one I’d rather do this ‘parenting’ thing with. I hope our daughter grows-up to be just like you. You amaze me.
  • Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my daughter. It means so much to see the way you care for her…and the way she loves you, too.
  • It is the greatest honor in my life to watch you blossom in motherhood.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother and wife in the world. What would we all do without you?
  • How did I get so lucky in marrying you? You continue to inspire this family every day. We love you!
  • Because of you, home is not a building; it’s a person. We love you!

For Your Grandmother

Grandmothers are such special people in our lives ― even when they are gone, they leave us with their magic and their memories. That is why it is extra important to cherish the time we have with our grandmothers, and to remind them of how much we love them. Receiving Mother’s Day love from your own children is wonderful; receiving that love from your grandchildren, however, is even more spectacular ― and often a huge surprise.

  • Grandma, you mean so much to me. Thank you for always making me feel special, loved, and totally spoiled.
  • A Nana like you comes once in a lifetime. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Because of you, I got a really great mom. Thank you for everything.
  • You’ve taught me so much about life. I will always look up to you.
  • Grandma, your love has shaped me in lasting ways.
  • Thank you for always being proud of me. I’ll always be grateful to have such an amazing and kind Nonnie.
  • For the wisdom you've given to my mom, which she's passed along to me: thank you.
  • How lucky I am to come from a line of incredible women.
  • You’re the best listener, the best cook, the best friend, the best grandma I could ever ask for.
  • Happy Mothers Day Grandma, we all love you so much!
  • You’ll always have your own special place in my heart, Nana.
  • Thanks for spoiling me rotten!
  • Love is a family tradition for us…I’ve always known that, as long as I’ve been on this planet. Oma, you’re a big part of those loving memories and the reason I feel so lucky to be born into this family.
  • Thanks for all the cookies and love. And cookies. Did I mention cookies?
  • So blessed by you, Gamma. You went above and beyond to help raise me, and it’s given us a special connection that I cherish.
  • Love you, Grandma! Hope you’re surrounded by family this Mother’s Day!
  • Abuela, you are the keeper of our stories, the sharer of our memories, the center of our family. We love you so much.
  • For all that you are and all of the love that you share; we love you, Nana.
  • You are the cornerstone of our family.
  • On Mother’s Day, we hope you feel honored for all your years of caring for your children and grandchildren. And every day, we hope you feel how loved you are.
  • You don’t just give love, you are love. And we love you so much, too.
  • Grandmother, your strength is the foundation we all stand on.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to our matriarch! Thank you for all the love and work you put into this family!
  • It’s too bad they don’t have a Grandmother’s Day, that way we’d have two days a year to celebrate all that you do! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry you had to put up with (parent’s name) for so long!

New Mothers

Motherhood is full of magic and joy…but it is also stressful, difficult, and even scary! New moms are learning everything for the first time, right alongside their babies, and they deserve all the love and support they can get. Whether the baby is on-the-way or already here, messages of encouragement and praise are always a good idea for a new mother ― especially for their first Mother’s Day!

  • Your baby's already so blessed — they got the best mom in the world.
  • Happy Mother-to-Be Day! You’re going to make such a good mom!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to our favorite mom-to-be with lots of love and anticipation!
  • You’re joining the mom club! Hope this Mother’s Day will be the first of many special ones for you.
  • Your baby doesn’t need a perfect mom: she just needs YOU.
  • Here's hoping you are as happy as you are exhausted. I'm so proud of you.
  • Some people are just meant to be mothers. Watching you blossom in motherhood has been an honor.
  • Bet you’ve never felt so tired or so blessed in your life. Welcome to motherhood. You’re already rocking it.
  • I remember the lunch when you first told me you were going to be a mom. I was so happy for you then, and I still am, because I see how much you love it and how amazing you are at it.
  • You're doing great, Mama. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • You’re already rocking this Mom thing. What a lucky kiddo!
  • Everyone jokes about spoiling the baby. When can I come over and help spoil the NEW MOM? YOU DESERVE IT!
  • You are off to such a sweet start as a mom. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!
  • I can only imagine how meaningful today is with a new little one in your life. Enjoy!
  • You’ve got crayon-drawn Mother’s Day cards in your future, along with big hugs from your lucky little one!
  • That sweet baby isn’t the only one who should be pampered—today’s all for you!
  • Watching you become a mother has been such an inspiration. Happy first Mother's Day.
  • It may seem like a thankless job now, but one day, your kid will thank you for changing all those dirty diapers.
  • Even at 3 AM when the baby just won’t sleep, you are not alone. I am always here for you.
  • Sweet Mama, you. Are. AWESOME!
  • Whatever you need and whenever you need it, know that I'm here for you, Mama.
  • When I was a new mom, you were always there for me. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I couldn’t be happier for you as you enter this new chapter of your life. Your baby is so, so lucky.

Daughter or Granddaughter Messages

As your children and grandchildren spend Mother’s Day celebrating you, be sure to acknowledge their parenting success as well. Becoming a mother is one thing, but watching your own daughter become a mother is something entirely different ― and that’s not even counting great grandbabies! A whole new journey begins the minute that baby pops into your daughter or granddaughter’s life ― and she will need her family now more than ever.

  • I’m so proud of you I can’t even express it. I would have been happy watching you pursue any dream you chose, but it makes me so happy that one of your dreams was to be a mother. Your children are a beautiful reflection of your loving heart.
  • The world is changing so much…in so many exciting ways. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the love moms give. You’re carrying on the mom tradition beautifully, in your own loving way. I’m so proud of you.
  • I am so lucky to have you for my granddaughter. And your daughter is even luckier to have you for her mother.
  • Thinking of you and that sweet grandbaby of mine today!
  • So proud of the wonderful job you’re doing as a mom.
  • Seems like just yesterday you were a little girl yourself. Love seeing you as a mom!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a granddaughter who just keeps on bringing joy to her family.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to our beautiful daughter. Thanks for being such a devoted mother to a few of our favorite grandchildren!
  • I see so much of you in your children, and it warms my heart. Thank you for the gift of your beautiful, clever, wonderful children. I love you all so much!
  • Now that you’re a mom, I hope you know a little of the joy I knew when I had you.
  • With love for being such a great daughter…and making me such a happy grandmother!
  • Motherhood is such a perfect expression of the gentle, caring person you are. It really warms our hearts to see you with your little boy.
  • You’ve always been so loving. To see your love unfold around your family every day makes me so proud.

Mother-in-Law Messages

When you get married, you do not just marry your spouse; you marry their family, too. Your families combine together ― for better or for worse ― and your traditions and celebrations expand to include your new relatives. For some, this means twice the Mother’s Day love; for others, twice the pressure. If your relationship with your Mother-in-Law is complicated ― or even negative ― the idea of writing a personal message for Mother’s Day might feel beyond stressful. If this is the case, try not to put so much pressure on yourself to be complimentary; instead, focus on warmth and positivity, and be as brief as you need to. However, if even the thought of being positive toward your MIL feels impossible, consider sending a card with your spouse.

  • I couldn't have joined a more loving family. Thank you for accepting me with open arms.
  • We're so grateful for you and your love. I'm the luckiest daughter-in-law in the world.
  • I hope you get to spend today doing all the things that make you happiest.
  • Out of all the mothers-in-law out there, I got the best. Have a beautiful day.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to an in-law I can’t imagine life without.
  • Mother’s Day felt like a perfect chance to remind you that you hold an important place in my life.
  • How lucky am I to have gotten you as a Mother-in-law? Happy Mother’s Day from all of us!
  • I always hoped that when I got married someday, I would have a mother-in-law just like you. Thank you for making my dream a reality. I love you.
  • Hoping all the love you give comes back to you tenfold today.
  • Thank you for raising such a wonderful son/daughter. I hope you have a great Mother's Day.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms all those years ago!
  • Thinking of you on Mother’s Day and hoping you have a great day.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my “other mother.” I am so lucky to have two great moms.
  • Happy Mother's Day, thank you for everything you do for me and my family.
  • One mother you have from birth, and one you get through marriage. I'm so lucky to have gotten you.
  • Thank you for being such a pillar to this family. We all love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • On Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of my very favorite times with you.
  • Hoping you spend Mother’s Day feeling celebrated and appreciated.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to someone who is truly like a mother to me.

Other Mother and Bonus Mom Messages

Chances are that at some point in your life, you have encountered a woman who has inspired, motivated, or supported you with maternal warmth. Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank our maternal role models for all that they do for us ― no childbearing experience required.

  • You inspire me to be a better person. Thank you for being like a mother to me.
  • Just wanted to recognize you on Mother’s Day for being such a caring and positive influence in my life. I’m forever grateful, and I look up to you more than you know.
  • Happy Mother's Day to a woman I'll always admire, appreciate, and love.
  • You are a blessing to your family… and to me.
  • Auntie, there’s simply no one else like you. I feel so blessed that we’re family…and that we’re friends.
  • We hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’re thinking of you today. After all, you’ve loved us just like a mom.
  • During every difficult chapter in my life, you were there with your strength, your kindness, and your love. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.
  • Here's to a wonderful woman in my life. Sending you extra love today.
  • Some mothers you're born with, some you choose. Thanks for allowing me to choose you.
  • With love to an amazing human, from someone who hopes to be half as amazing as you someday
  • You’ve been like a mom to me—someone I can tell anything and ask anything. Thank you for being such an important person in my life.
  • God knew I needed you in my life, and I’m so glad to have you as my ‘bonus Mom.’ I love you very much.
  • Every time my heart said ‘I need a mom,’ you were there.
  • To one of the most special women I know, Happy Mother's Day!
  • Everyone has a mother — not everyone has a Mom. Thank you, Mom, today and every day. I love you.

Messages to Friends

One group of people you might not have on your Mother’s Day card list ― and you totally should ― is any of your friends with children. Sure, they will probably be celebrated by their own families, but if you have mom friends in your life that you admire, there’s no reason not to say something! Even a simple card that lets her know you are thinking of her can go a long way; you never know who really needs to hear that they are doing a good job, especially as a parent. Check out these ideas for writing a Mother’s Day message to a friend;

  • Celebrating the amazing mom you are to your own kids and the wonderful “extra” aunt you are to mine!
  • I always knew you’d be a great mom someday.
  • Wishing you a sweet, quiet, gross-out-free Mother’s Day!
  • So glad we’re moms—it’s one more sweet thing to share.
  • Watching you be a fabulous mother to your children is beyond inspirational. I’m amazed by you.
  • Happy Mother's Day to the mom I aspire to be one day.
  • I can tell from how your kids act that they feel secure, well-grounded and totally loved. Of course they do. They have the best mom ever!
  • You’re a mom I admire so much.
  • We started as mom-friends, but now we’re just plain friends. I’m so glad we are. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Here’s hoping Mother’s Day brings you yummy food, extra sleep, and all the love you deserve.
  • Your kids don't know how lucky they are to have you for a mom.
  • Mother’s Day, margarita, mojito and merlot all start with ‘m.’ Coincidence? Surely not.
  • I don’t know how you do it. But I can easily see that you are doing a wonderful job of being a mom.
  • How does it feel to be the envy of all other mothers? Happy Mother's Day to the coolest mom I know.
  • I’m so grateful to have a friend and fellow mom like you in my life. Thank you for helping me deal with all the ups and downs of motherhood!
  • I believe in my heart that someday we’ll once again pee alone.
  • You make being a mom look effortless. How do you do it?
  • If someone hasn't told you lately, know this: You're doing an incredible job.

Other Mother's Day Messages for Cards

Still struggling to find the right Mother’s Day greetings? Consider using these modern alternatives, quotes, and examples to help you get started:

Meaningful Messages

  • Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. It’s more than we can ever repay you!
  • Thank you for every hug, word of encouragement, and acts of love you’ve given me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Wishing you the very best day ever. You deserve it.
  • Wishing you a Mother's Day that's as wonderful as you.
  • Out of all the moms in the world, I'm so glad that you're mine.
  • Thank you for being there every day with exactly what I needed.
  • Now that I’m older, I don’t just feel gratitude for you—but admiration. I only hope to be a mother as great as you one day.
  • Mom, you're the glue that holds our family together.
  • You made our house the happiest place to be. Thank you.

Messages of Wisdom

  • Life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mother
  • Moms are like buttons — they hold everything together.
  • A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.
  • Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.
  • Happiness is seeing your mother smile.
  • No matter your age, you will always need your mom.
  • I’m a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.
  • Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.
  • Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride
  • To the world you are a Mother, but to your family you are the World.
  • Even on the days, you feel like you are failing, look around. Your child’s smile will bring you right back up.
  • Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.
  • A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.
  • Always my mother; forever my friend.
  • Home is where your mom is.
  • Nothing is lost until your mother can’t find it.

Quotes for Mother's Day Card Messages

  • "All I am I owe to my mother." - George Washington
  • "If I know what love is, it is because of you." - Hermann Hesse
  • “Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.” – Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • “A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – Marion C. Garretty.
  • “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Mermillod
  • “I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.” – Terry Guillemets
  • “As is the mother, so is her daughter.” – Ezekiel 16:4
  • “A mother and daughter’s love is never separated.” – Viola Shipman
  • “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” – Princess Diana
  • “Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” – Tina Fey
  • “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” – Sophia Loren
  • “Little souls find their way to you whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s.” – Sheryl Crow
  • “My daughter introduced me to myself.” – Beyoncé Knowles
  • “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” – Kate Winslet
  • “My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis.” – Drew Barrymore
  • “At the end of the day my most important job is still mom-in-chief.” – Michelle Obama
  • “If you’re a mom, you’re a superhero. Period.” – Rosie Pope
  • “I’ve never had more appreciation for anyone in my entire life until I became a mom.” – Chrissy Teigen
  • “I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.” – Oprah Winfrey
  • “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill
  • “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had.” – Linda Wooten
  • “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” – Abraham Lincoln
  • “If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.” – Claudia Ghandi
  • “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake
  • “A mother’s love endures through all.” – Washington Irving
  • “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness.” – Jessica Lange

SMS Messages to Send to Your Mom

  • I'm so proud to be your kid!
  • You're the best mom in the world, I'm so thankful for you every day.
  • Mom, I hope you relax and enjoy today just like you deserve!
  • Thank you for being someone I could always look up to, Mom.
  • I wouldn't ask for any other person to be my mom!
  • I'm who I am today because of you, Mom.
  • Thank you for always taking care of us, even when it wasn't easy. We love you so much!
  • Mom, you deserve the world. But for now, I hope this card will do!
  • You're the best mom ever—just look at me, I turned out amazing!
  • If I wrote down all the reasons I love you, it'd take up a whole book!
  • Thank you for always being right by my side. I love you, Mom!
  • I don't know what I'd do without you, Mom. Thank you for everything that you do!
  • Home is wherever you are, Mom.
  • I'm so grateful to call you my mom and my best friend!
  • Mom, you're the glue that holds us all together.
  • The best compliment anyone can give me is to say that I'm just like you.
  • Sending Mother's Day wishes today from the luckiest child in the world!

Messages from Young Children

  • Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful, loving, and happy mommy. You make the best cookies and today I want to bake cookies for you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest Mom in the whole world.
  • Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I love you!
  • Mom, you make me happy! When you smile, I feel warmth in my heart.
  • You’re the best mom EVER!
  • Thanks for being my mommy.
  • I love love love you!
  • Mom, you mean the world to me. There’s nobody else like you. Happy Mother’s Day.

From Me, With Love | How To Sign A Mother's Day Card

You have chosen your recipients, selected your cards, and carefully crafted your Mother’s Day messages. Now all that is left to do is finish your cards with a final, warm message. What’s the best way to sign a Mother’s Day card? With a little bit of love — just do not forget to sign your name!

  • All my/our love,
  • Always yours,
  • Blessings,
  • Forever your child,
  • God bless,
  • Gratefully,
  • Hugs and kisses,
  • Lots of love,
  • Love,
  • Love always,
  • Love, always and forever,
  • Love and cuddles,
  • Love you,
  • Much love to you,
  • Thanks for all that you do.
  • Warmest wishes,
  • Warmly,
  • We love you!
  • Wishing you happiness,
  • With heartfelt thanks,
  • With love,
  • With much love and admiration,
  • Yours forever,

Only the Best for Mom | Send the Right Card on Mother's Day with HELLOFROM

Now that you know the ins and outs of writing the perfect Mother’s Day greeting card message, it’s time to get started! Be sure to connect with us for more Mother’s Day card examples, sentiments, and quotes. Our HELLOFROM experts are ready to help you find exactly the right card for each person on your list. 

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